Motorist Tips

Motorists “ Drive Safer


bikes are carsBicycles Are Vehicles Too: The law says bicycles are vehicles, and it’s OK (and often safer) for them to ride in the middle of the lane. (more)
lesscarsBicycles Reduce Traffic: Sometimes it might seem like bicyclists are slowing you down, but remember every person on a bicycle is one less car on the road. (more)
squeezeSave The Squeeze Plays For Baseball: Stay a few feet away from bicyclists when passing “ don’t try to squeeze past them. (more)
suddenmovesNo Sudden Moves: Abrupt turns can cause crashes, so always look for bicyclists and use your turn signals. (more)
leapLook Before You Leap (Out): Look behind you for approaching bicycles before opening a door on either side of your vehicle. (more)
bikelaneThe Truth About Bike Lanes: While cars must stay out of bike lanes, bicyclists do not have to stay in the bike lane. (more)
honkThere’s No Nice Way To Honk: Honking can startle a bicyclist and cause a crash, so only honk when absolutely necessary. (more)